Tales From The Tour shares stories behind the success of professional tour golfers.

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To you, golf is more than a game.

Watching or playing, sports are an opportunity to connect, an arena for challenge, a stage for inspiration. The pros’ achievements inspire focus and discipline in your own life, and you want hear more and go deeper.

But there's one problem:

TV interviewers rush conversations, asking "sound-bite" questions. They don’t have the time to dig deeper, so we miss hearing meaningful insights from the best athletes in the world.

Hear more.

We created Tales from the Tour so professional golfers could share their stories with regular folks.

This is why we created Tales from the Tour. We share the stories behind the success of professional tour golfers through live events, access to content, and a like-minded community. Over the past seven years we’ve had over 15,000 people at our live events to hear legends like Baddely, Cink, and Lehman talk about live, golf, and faith.


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Don’t settle for shallow interviews and miss out on the stories that could inspire your own success.

Instead, come and hear the players tell their own stories. Be inspired and challenged. Find real meaning. Connect with a community that speaks your language.