Tales From the Dugout

Tales from the Dugout started in 2013, and in the four years of this “spring training” event, more than 10,000 people have attended and heard some amazing stories.

For instance, we heard what Albert Pujols thought when he first saw Josh Hamilton hit a baseball. We heard how Barry Zito made a comeback, and what inspired him and spurred him on. We heard veteran umpire Ted Barrett, who has been behind the plate for two (!) perfect games, tell what it is like to be calling balls and strikes when a pitcher has the chance at this rare feat (only 23 perfect games have been thrown in 135 years and over 300,000 games).

In 2016 we heard from two fabulous baseball players, but we also heard from an outstanding General Manager and from an MLB wife! What a treat, and it only makes us more excited for next year.

Tales from the Dugout was not held in 2017, and no decision has been made yet about 2018. Stay tuned, though, and we’ll keep you informed!

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