At Tales from the Dugout 2019, a crowd of more than 1,200 welcomed Steven Souza, Jr., Robbie Ray, and A.J. Pollock to the stage at Scottsdale Bible Church.

The interviews were most excellently conducted by Arizona Diamondbacks chaplain Brian Hommel, and FCA superstar Brian Beltramo.

Special thanks to Scottsdale Bible Church for hosting us. Ethan Collins and Bill Cavness welcomed the crowd and conducted a baseball trivia contest that was a lot of fun (mud from New Jersey?) and just a little bit tricky.

Jason Zilveti welcomed the crowd on behalf of Tales from the Tour ministry, welcomed Emily Gerard to the stage to lead the crowd in the singing of the National Anthem, and then introduced “the Brians.”

The interview questions ranged from fun to serious, the players were open and honest, and the crowd loved it all. Afterwards, the players stayed to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, and the evening was complete.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Bill and Ethan Open 2019 Tales from the Dugout.


Jason Zilveti Introduces the Two Brians.


The Two Brians.


First Conversations.


Final Conversations.